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How Television Commercials Changed Branding Forever


Aaj Kuch Tufani Karte Hai

Now I don’t know when was the last time you heard this but the last time I heard this, Salman Khan was in the middle of the sea in a broken-down shack with his bike conveniently parked next to him. He then zooms out of the shack while his bike transformed into a jet ski just before touching the water. On reaching the land, Salman hijacks a moving truck, pulls out a “Thumbs Up” bottle, looks straight into the camera and says “Aaj Kuch Tufani Karte Hai”

Now, although half of these things are impossible and highly unlikely to ever happen, even in a Steven Spielberg Sci-Fi movie, the Indian audience loved the advert. “Thumbs Up” became the symbol of courage to many people. Some even swore they tasted the ‘Thunder’.

But it didn’t stop there. As I grew older, so did the symbols. An Axe Spray guaranteed me that at least 20 Beautiful Angels would fall from Heaven with just a single spray. But all I got was my Mom asking me why I smelt like a mosquito repellant all day. Nonetheless, that never stopped me from looking up at the sky.

But enough about me and my gullibility for these commercials; the most important question to ask is this, “Have they been effective?” Absolutely YES. People bought anything and everything they saw on TV even if a celebrity didn’t endorse it. Why? Well, the answer to that is very simple.

Every company has a unique “brand” identifying spirit. Television Commercials are the portals through which you can communicate your brand’s spirit to the world. If these portals are used wisely, effectively and most importantly, to the right target audience, even soulless Zoo Zoo Characters from Vodaphone can bring your brand’s spirit to the table.

Talking Tree is planted high and strong like a mighty oak. We see past the clutter and always strive to make sure your brand’s message is heard loud and clear. We take your ideas and your dreams, and we put them behind screens. To conceptualize a concept and to knit that into a perfect script is one of Talking Tree’s forte.

The flavor of Coke will always taste the same. But the portals through which you can communicate a simple fizzy drink’s story is innumerable. Hop onto Talking Tree’s page and discover the innumerable ways we can tell your brand’s story through Television Commercials.