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How Video Marketing Influences Your Customers Decisions


Talking Tree has always emphasized on the significance of Video Marketing. Being one of our specialties, we often remind our clients how a well thought out video can change an entire company’s overall image. When it comes to Branding Strategy, we believe that every business must create a better experience for their customers while promoting their products.

One reality everyone must accept is that most company’s target audiences have the attention span of a five-year-old. Videos must be short and classy. And it’s crucial we grab their attention with something amusing or relatable in the first 10 seconds. Once we have reeled them in, we convince them to buy your business commodity. This is popularly known as the Attract and Convert method.

Moving pictures have always fascinated the human mind. If a single picture could speak a thousand words, imagine a short one-minute video. Your stories cement your product in your customers minds. And Talking Tree is confident in its art of storytelling.

Point One is intrinsic. People trust videos. Relatability and perception create an emotion that are more likely for people to remember than just solid facts. Take any Hair Product advertisement. Frizzy hair is relatable. A girl struggling with frizzy hair has an emotional relatability when she sees an advertisement about it. Hence this makes her feel secure. But don’t let your video entertain and amuse your viewer too much. Your selling point must not be overlooked. Shampoo’s don’t sell themselves.

Point Two is imperative. Create a need even if it doesn’t exist. Supply and Demand. If you can convince your audience that they must have something, then you have already won the battle. Videos are the lazy buyer’s paradise. Statically videos generate more clicks. And more clicks generate more awareness. More awareness will affect your customers decisions.

Point Three is a quintessential truth. Video Marketing is the platform to showcase tutorial videos, promotional videos, customer testimonials, and deliver content that loves to go viral. In a way, your videos promote your company, increase your sales and creates awareness of your products and services. Videos makes Search Engine Optimizations better. Search Engine Optimizations need videos. The right tags and quality video content will increase your overall social presence tremendously. Nowadays, these three words have become the mantra of every video-marketer. “Like, Share, Subscribe”.

To conclude, we go back to the start. Talking Tree has always emphasized on the significance of Video Marketing. We tell the perfect stories in the most hard-hitting way possible. We pierce through the minds of your audiences to deliver a concept with a feeling that hasn’t been experienced before. Our unique style of Film Making, Editing and Photography coupled with our vast knowledge in Branding Strategy and Marketing gives us the perfect edge to make your company stand out and speak above the clutter. Talking Tree ensures a brand awakening that will surely touch minds and hearts.