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Why A Good Creative Design Should Matter To Your Brand


“Creativity has always been subjective. Or has it? Talking Tree’s right mix of ‘creative touch’ can truly change the way the world perceives your brand.

Think of Fried Chicken. What’s the second thing that comes to your mind? An Old Colonel in an apron? Well, that’s how you immortalize a brand. An effective design cements your product in the minds of your customers.

Stop rehearsing your elevator pitch and show them your company’s creative designs and logo. You won’t believe the number of sales a half-eaten ‘Apple’ makes these days.

A message for the audience is usually the purpose behind your design. At Talking Tree, we make sure that message is heard. Whether it’s an Advertising Design, Corporate Identity Design, Web Design Typographic Design, Editorial Design, Packaging Design, Multimedia Design; well, you’ve come to the right place.

At Talking Tree, we define the problem and target it when creating the design. This is how we ‘visually communicate’ to your customers. The designers arrive at a unique communication strategy for an effective visual perception of your brand.

Creating a good creative is very important for us. The role of creativity even more. Our graphic designers have an impeccable artistic sensibility. This sensibility is what drives the designers to use certain colors, compose work in certain ways and to use specific kinds of typography for their designs.

Often you have less than a second to make a first impression. A good creative design must catch your prospects’ attention and keep them interested. A well-executed design decides where the user’s eye goes first on a page. It evokes emotions through imagery and color. This supports ‘messaging’ in a powerful way.

Design builds credibility and brand recognition by creating a visual language; providing an instant connection to your services.

So, to go back to our first question. Is creativity subjective? Well, that will always be up for debate. But Dorothy Parker said it best when she defined creativity; “Creativity is a Wild Mind & a Disciplined Eye".