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Are Customer Testimonials Really Worth It?


Back in the days business used traditional media like radio, television and newspapers to establish their brand’s presence, but how are businesses achieving this in the current era?

Obviously, through the internet!!

Online shopping is more common than shopping in person. This is convenient and saves a lot of time and effort. Consumers don’t have to face the nagging salesperson, the traffic or parking problems.

This is why your business’ online presence is critical. People are spending more time on the internet than ever, the reason why online marketing is taking over the traditional media.

The current behaviour

Most of us go online to compare products or services before we consider buying it. While the images on the sites may look attractive and compelling, how do we decide how trustworthy a product or a service is? This is when we turn to customer reviews or testimonials before making that final buying decision.

Customers want to know if the company and the products are credible and assess value for money.

Transparency about the products sold help earn a customer’s trust.

Now consider brands that use celebrities to endorse their products. Do you think these marketing tactics still work for all product types? Probably not!

This is when you have to choose smart marketing and consider pitching in real life stories. A customer testimonial does exactly this. It’s all about bringing real consumers to talk about their experiences which breathes life into a marketing campaign. Consumers are looking for social proof from unbiased sources.

While we have seen plenty of customer reviews in a textual format, videos have become the most effective content medium in online marketing. Almost 65% of the audience are predisposed to visual learning. Some of the studies conducted by Amazon and Walmart shows that 63% of users state that they are more likely to purchase from a site that has ratings and reviews.

According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, a whopping 90% of online shoppers’ buying decision was influenced by positive reviews.

This is why combining a traditional testimonial with video yields higher results.

At Talking Tree, we understand that the stories the customers tell are only as good as the information we can get out of them. How an interview is conducted has a huge impact on the end results. We’ve conducted several successful interviews and have mastered the art of interviewing.

Get in touch with us and we can tell you some secrets to earning potential customers.

Take a look at one of the testimonials we shot for La Marvella, Bangalore.